Gettin’ Wet: A Week of Time, 1 of 7

Welp, I’ve decided to dip my toes in to the blogging world, yanno, test the waters. I know, shoot me now.

With as many fashion blogs out there, I decided to do something a little different, something I really wish there was more of, because, I swear, I’m the biggest prim whore on the planet. I’m doing furniture!

And to get me going, I gave myself a little challenge, just so I come up with something creative to post instead boring the absolute daylights out of you guys. Here is the first of my Week of Time.

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If something is easy, it wins big points in my book. Constantly changing my trees over for seasons (because I RP) would be a huge hassle if I didn’t have these lovely little things to make shit so much, well, easier.

Forest Floor has come up with the ingenious idea of having one tree that you don’t have to constantly remove by simply change textures.

It comes with each season, which totals nine different foliage textures (and falling leaves for autumn!) and three barks to choose from. Three different sizes, two different leaf coverages, and the option of roots. Jeez, not only that, but it comes with shadow prims.

‘Oh, boo, shadow prims,’ is what I’m probably getting from you right now. ‘What if I terraform and my land’s all bumpy?’ Well, calm down, they have stuff for that too. There’s a flat version for, well, flat ground, and a sculpted version for rough terrain with seven different texture options.

I absolutely love these trees, as you can tell by the fact I’ve used them all over my damned lot.

Here’s your junk:


Trees: Forest Floor – Elm (2-4 prims, copy/mod)

Wall Ivy: Trompe Loeil – Wall Ivy Multi (3 prims, copy/mod)

Grass: KIDD GRASS – Dark Meadow (1 prim, trans)


Fence: by Horatio Clawtooth – fence/corral rails (1 prim, copy/mod)

Windmill: by Horatio Clawtooth (2 prims, copy/mod)

Well: creational – well – light grey stone (1-3 prims, copy/mod)