Newfound Land Estates Home & Garden Photo Contest

Remember that photo contest I gave you guys a sneak peek of? Well, here’s the full scoop!

Newfound Land Estates is holding a home and garden photo contest with a staggering total of 32 different prizes. Yes, you heard right. That means 32 different people are going to be walking away with something!

The contest is from May 1st to May 31st and the winner will be announced at a Newfound Land Estates event on June 2nd at 3:00 pm SLT. To enter, all you have to do is have a flickr account and add your pictures to the Newfound Land Estates flickr group. Simple, right?

The prizes are great! How would I know? I helped put them together!:

First Place:

  • 3,000L

Second Place:

  • 2,000L

Runner Ups:

  • Three free 2048 sqm land tiers with NFLE for 1 week
  • Two free 1024 sqm land tiers with NFLE for 1 week

Honorable Mentions:

  • 25 home and garden prize packs

Of course, as with any contest, there’s always rules, so let’s go over that stuff super quick, yeah?:

  • On entry photos, please put “NFLE Home & Garden Photo Contest entry – avatar name” in the description or photos will not be accepted.
  • Your photo must be home and garden related. Avatars can be in the photos, but must NOT be the focus.
  • No close ups, just area visuals.
  • Your welcome to enter as many times as you like, but each person is only able to win one prize.
  • NFLE has a right to a full perm copy of all winning photos.
  • Prizes are not negotiable other than land tiers, which can be applied to current parcel ownership.
  • Land tiers are transferable to friends and family.

Have any questions? Just direct those to the in world contest manager, Alisa Farshore. Good luck to everyone!

Royal Living Flowers & Showers Hunt

Holy crap, so much going on today! Now, I was originally going to wander around and find every single item, but the girls at Royal Living put together a post with pictures and SLURLs of everything! So, instead of me doing that, they did. Saves me work!

This hunt’s items are 45L (total steal when you look at the quality) and features some of the best home and garden designers on the grid, running from today until May 12th.

All the info you need is right here, so have fun, there’s some great stuff!

Spruce Up Your Space: April 28-29

We have a TON of stuff for SUYS this weekend because instead of this round being two weekends, it’s all crammed into one! Lots of great stuff with this round’s theme, April Showers, and it’s a steal for this weekend only. Let’s get goin’, shall we?

Even though La’Licious is closed, she’s still making stuff! After all, she’s one of the co-owners of SUYS. Anyway, some cute garden releases from here. Adorable fences with flowers, benches, and arbors in three colours.

Palais has some outdoor stuff (seems to be the popular thing this week!) for us. A nice fire pit set with fire, umbrella, and cushions with a sit each.

MudHoney has made this great outdoor set for us. Tons of animations are in the swing, even a few couple poses. The chair comes with a full page of poses, too, and it’s all mesh.

Cheeky Pea never disappoints me with SUYS. Isla takes a much better picture of this set (which you can see here) and it’s totally adorable and all mesh. It matches the previously released Likable Things set and comes with more rezzable props. Perfect for Spring time in the garden. You know I’ll be picking this up ;)

You saw this one from what next yesterday. Just like I said yesterday, the umbrellas come with 17 texture change options and two colours for the stands. Totally worth picking up!

inSight Designs Textures always has super cute stuff, and I totally use SUYS as an excuse to scoop her things. This weekend, we’ve got a bargain on some adorable rain themed fabrics.

Organica is a great source for not only outdoor decor, but mesh, and when the two meet, there’s some amazing results. Take this week’s SUYS for example. A mesh stream! Comes with curves and straights and even has little texture effects that looks like rain drops on water!

Art Dummy has done a remake of her recycled bench.. in mesh! There’s some nice poses in the bench, and the decor is low prim to boot; I’m talkin’ one prim for the boxes, one prim for the bag, one prim for the umbrellas!

Cleo Design has an outdoor set, too! Seems to be the trend this weekend, eh? Cute little set that has a ton (and I mean a ton) of sits and an adorable bucket with a splashy sculpt.

Funky Junk has this great gazebo and hanging bed for us this weekend. Lots of couple poses loaded into the striped pillows, and even some singles found in the blue pillow.

Interior Addiction has a nice, but somewhat primmy, mud room set out for us this weekend. There’s some good poses in the bench, so it’s not there just to look pretty!

April Showers

I’m pretty sure I squealed and clapped my hands together like a retarded seal when I got these. Today I have a great preview of the amazing upcoming weekend, so many events lined up! Not only do we have SUYS, but we have TWO weekends crammed into one; twice the primmy goodness! The Zombie Popcorn Brand also has a new round opening this weekend, too.

First for SUYS, what next has this great mesh umbrella decor. Both the stand alone umbrella and the umbrella stand are colour change with 17 different texture options (which can be seen here) and totally make the perfect piece of decor for the start of Spring.

And for the Zombie Popcorn Brand Winter made some more pose props! She’s gettin’ good at this, ain’t she? There’s one for boys and one for girls with 10 totally different poses for each, and just like the decor above, there’s 17 different texture options to pick from!

Both sets can be found at what next starting this weekend, so what are you waiting for? ..Oh, the weekend. Right. Oops.

Why, Yes, I Do!

I’ve been lazy, uninspired, and SL has been putting up a hell of a fight to get me to log in, so hence why this post is so late. I was wracking my mind trying to think of what to post, cause I really hate missing more than one day, and then I realized ‘hey, I have my wedding set up all ready to go’.

I get creative to get what I want. I really wanted vines sprawling all over the fence, and the only way to do that was rip apart the wall ivy from Trompe Loeil and piece it together how I wanted it. Not only that, but I created the jars of flowers from all the new stuff from what next.

When stuff is mod, play around with it! You might come up with something you didn’t see before.

Here’s your junk:

Chairs: what next – Seaside Garden Chair (3 prims, mod/copy)

Lanterns: LISP – Mixed Lanterns (7 prims, copy/mod)

Vines: from Trompe Loeil – Wall Ivy Multi

Flowers: what next – All About Spring Planters (8 prims, mod/copy)

Path: TUFF – Dirt Path (1 prim, mod/copy)

Fence: by Horatio Clawtooth – fence/corral rails (1 prim, copy/mod)