Last Chance

Just a tiny, simple reminder that today is your LAST DAY to get yourself entered into the Newfound Land Home & Garden Photo Contest. We’ve got over 10,000L in prizes to give away!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a picture of your personal land. It can be a beautiful sim you’ve come across, or a sneak shot of your friend’s house. As long as it’s pretty, it counts!

That being said, don’t forget to take those final pics if you haven’t done so, or if you have, do your editing and upload them to flickr! At midnight, I’ll be turning off the ability for people to add photos to the group!

Don’t forget to go review the rules and all that jazz, and good luck to everyone!


Today, I’m showin’ you another few gifties from Mesh Around. Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea have got to be a pair of my favourite stores for mesh furniture and I was positively giddy when I heard they were in the hunt.

Let’s start with Trompe Loeil. You get the whole set, chair, couch, and table, and not only do they come in this super cute summery dot pattern, but have some nice poses to go along.

My favourite part about the set has to be the fact that there’s two chat animations that face different directions, so you can face one person or the other while talking to them. So simple but such a neat perk.

Cheeky Pea’s item is absolutely adorable. I love the colour, though I am a little biased. There’s some great little details, like the ornate curves on the legs, the vines around the arm, and the cute paint job. Not only that, but you can pack you and four of your friends on it at once for a little lovin’.


Boy, is there lots of stuff going on lately, and a ton from my favourite little ethnic place. Not only is there new releases, but there’s a one year anniversary hunt for Cookie Jar, the community the store is located in.

First, let’s do the new release. This umbrella and sandcastle set has a ton of super cute poses, and comes with the radio, blanket, umbrella, and castle with shovel. And guess what? It’s part mesh!

Now, on to this little hunt.. It starts now! What are you looking for? A champagne bottle. Easy enough, right? Absolutely, and Zinnias’ gift is great. You can get this adorable hammock, suspended between a group of palm trees.

It comes with my favourite colours, all of them, and has some adorable poses packed into it. And it’s totally free and so worth finding and snatching. And there’s a sneaky suprise. If you manage to finish the hunt, you’ll get an LM to somewhere with a whole bunch of other freebies for group members only (group joiner on site), and that’s where you can get that awesome cooler and blanket set!

Really, I don’t see an excuse for you beach bums to not be heading over to Zinnias and getting it right now!

Next Chapter

I get bored, everyone does. You gotta shake things up every once in a while to keep it interesting.

That being said, I’ve decided to expand the blog a little. I’m moving into poses!

Why? Well, a few of my favourite furniture designers have branched into it as well, and let’s face it, I have a ridonkulous amount of poses that are sitting in my inventory, dusty and unused. Course, this is just going to add to that insane collection, but whatever, I’ll actually use the new ones!

Let’s just hope this doesn’t eventually cause me to move into the competitive realm of fashion blogging. *shudder*

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I love showing you guys previews of stuff. It gets me so excited for when the actual event is here. We’ve got more goodies from Mesh Around, and another peek at Zigana’s new build.

The more items I see from this hunt, the more impressed I get. Seriously! Mesh is starting to amaze in. The lines are so smooth, the textures are so crisp, and the primage is so looow.

The two participants for Mesh Around we got here are Organica and Baffle. Organica’s offering probably the best coloured chair ever, and yes, I am biased. It’s just like the previous SUYS release, just in a way awesome colour.

Baffle, on the other hand, is putting this great writing desk up for grabs, with all accessories included. Here is where you can really see what I mean by ‘smooth lines’ and ‘crisp textures’. Of course, this is all housed in Zigana’s new Di Mare build. The living room is opposite the dining area I showed you all yesterday.