Spruce Up Your Space: June 30-July 1

Patio sets galor! This weekend we have the second round of SUYS’ Summer Vacation. Let’s get rolling!

Ambiance has a nice colour change patio set this weekend that not only comes with cute little glasses, some nice poses, but gives out props, too!

Boathouse offers an adorable shabby chic set. The table has some really cute decor to go along with it, and the fabric textures are super sweet and fluffy looking.

Cheeky Pea has got probably my favourite item of this round. I love the colours Isla uses for her work, but that’s only the beginning. The poses and animations are great, and you can fit multiple people on at the same time.

Just a word of warning about La’Licious. Don’t use the provided LM! It’s slightly off, so you’ll go plummeting to the ground. Anyway, this very cute decorative hearth has some nice, relaxing poses to go with it.

At MudHoney you can find an adorable, modern looking dock. The chairs have a great pop of colour that contrast so well with the darkness of the wood.

Second Spaces offers an amazing deal. Not only do you get this great looking cabin that reminds anyone of camping, but you get all the decor, too!

Trompe Loeil has another amazingly textured set for us, available in four colours. Gotta love the options. Comes with some nice poses, and the shading, as you’d expect with Trompe Loeil, is great.

Sayonara Sculpties!

I love the smell of a good sale in the morning. Starstruck is having a sale to clear the store of all it’s scuplty items to make room for more mesh. Yay!

All scuplty items, including the gatchas (which I featured here), will be 75% off regular price until July 1st. After then, they’re gone for good! Let’s have a look at the goodies, yes?

This sale is super exciting for me, simply cause I can’t wait to see what Cyclic makes to replace this stuff!

Spruce Up Your Space: June 23-24

It’s starting to get warmer out! In this first weekend of summer, SUYS is bringing you a hint of Summer Vacation. Let’s see what we’ve got, yeah?

Palais has this cute colour change living room set for us this weekend. There’s a ridiculous amount of colours and combinations you can pick, and even the rug has some of those lazy, loungey poses I love.

This is the first time I’ve seen New Trails  in SUYS, so I’m super excited. This great looking tree/landscaping set comes adorned with lights, plants, and mushrooms, perfect for that little jungle oasis.

I always love when I see InSight in SUYS; you always get such a good deal! Amisha’s given us some light, beachy textures, perfect for that summer home, or to add a splash of the ocean to your pad.

Funky Junk has a great looking patio set.The flowers are so colourful, and it’s such a versatile outdoor room. You can put a hot tub in there, or a dining set, or just a simple place to relax.

Cleo Design has always been ridiculously big bang for you buck when it comes to SUYS. You get this whole beach house, goodies inside and all.

Cyclic got her stuff out, yay! Starstruck has this super cute and beautifully textured dresser set. It can be used as a dresser for the bedroom, but I also see it as a great hallway piece, too!


If there’s one thing I’m proud of, it’s the fact that I’m Canadian. I treasure being able to say that, just like I’m sure people cherish being able to say they’re American, Russian, or Japanese. With the upcoming North American birthdays, and an excuse to finally showcase this, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to show a little pride.

Chakra Nova’s flags are gorgeous. The textures and shadows on the fabric are beautiful and ridiculously realistic looking. The Marketplace store features 17 different countries, but if yours isn’t there, there’s an insane amount of other flags littering the website.

Here’s your junk:

Chairs: Art Dummy – salvaged. chairs (8 prims, trans)

Table: Art Dummy – to color eggs. table (8 prims, mod/copy)

Flag: Chakra Nova – cn Sculpted Flag (5 prims, mod/trans)

House: Funky Junk – Lemondrop Cottage (228 prims, mod/copy)

Starry Night

I think I’m in love. Even though Cheeky Pea’s newest release isn’t really a release, I had to take the opportunity to show it off. Isla put out a new VIP gift the other day, and maaaaan, it’s amazing.

The Easy Being Green skybox is an adorable two room (or one room, one hallway) build with fantastic textures. And I really mean that. The UV mapping is incredible, and it has great baked lighting.

I’ve always been a huge advocate for joining VIP groups. They give out the best gifts, and with the extra bonuses like group discounts and reward systems, the entry fee is always worth it!

Here’s your junk:


Chair: Art Dummy – salvaged. chair (8 prims, trans)


Lights: what next – Amalfi String Lights (4 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Candles: North West – Candlesticks – beige (2 prims, copy)

Mouse: Baffle – My little mouse friend (6 prims, mod/copy) FREE!

Canvases: ARIA – Clementine canvas pile type A (2 prims, trans) and Clementine laying canvas (3 prims, trans)


House: Cheeky Pea – Easy Being Green Skybox (8 prims, mod/copy) NEW!