Tribeca Trifecta Pt. 3

Finally, my last of my Tribeca posts! The one thing that impressed me so much with this bed is the amount of group animations there are. There’s everything from girls’ nights in to adorable family activities. Best thing about it? There’s no poseballs!

The poses are so nice and smooth, and I love when they’re ones I haven’t seen before. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see something different. My favourite are definitely the friend poses. Very goofy and just fun to watch.

And a big thank you to Charisma, Kaelyn, and Bouncer for helping me with this!

Tribeca Trifecta Pt. 2

Today, I’m going to give you a better peek at the Tribeca bed. Yesterday, I introduced it and gave you a glimpse at the insane amount of texture options, but today, I’m going to delve into the animations.

I first saw The Loft use sequences in the Wareham chairs, and I was pretty impressed with that, but the sequences in the bed.. Man, Colleen has certainly outdone herself this time!

There’s four sequences, two of them female (chatty phone time and painting your nails) and two moderately unisex ones (exercising and sleeping). I love the idea of this. In real life, we don’t sit static doing one motion over and over again. We get restless, move around, change positions, and I love when that realism is brought into SL.

Tribeca Trifecta Pt. 1

More from the huge Wareham release, which honestly, has got to be the most impressive thing I think I’ve ever seen from The Loft. My favourite part of it has got to be the Tribeca bedroom set, and because I love it so much, there’s a ton I want to show you, but too much to cram into one post. So, this is just one of three!

I’m absolutely in love with the Tribeca Armchairs. The pattern is adorable, but not only that, it’s colour change. There’s three different fabric options, and 11 pillows to pick from; gotta love those insane mix and match options.

Though, the best part about the chairs has to be the animations. The whole set is incredibly family friendly, there’s poses for couples, and even something for the kids and their parents.

Aside from that, the set comes with the whole bedroom; desks, benches, TV, dresser, lights, and even some art. That doesn’t mean they have to be used just for your room though. The best part about the Tribeca set though, is definitely the bed; it’s the reason I’m doing three posts about it! Though today, you get just a taste to entice you to come back tomorrow ;)

I’m astounded by the insane amount of colour change options that are available. The headboard, drapes (both separate) and everything on the bed can be completely customized to fit any room. I tried to get as many different styles here, just to show you what kind of combinations you can get, but honestly, it’s impossible to show you everything.

Prim Press

There’s a huge, incredible new release from The Loft, as I’m sure all of you have seen on flickr or in world. Colleen has joined forces with Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix to bring as the fully furnished Wareham house, even complete with a laundry room.

I’m seriously blown away by this set. Not only does it include the cupboards, counter and various pieces of decor, but probably the most amazing washer and dryer set that I’ve ever seen on SL; it actually functions, and I’ll bet you’ve never enjoyed doing laundry until you tried this.

A click of the door opens it, and a click of the button turns it on. The washer goes through the actual cycles, making typical noises such as water filling and that shaking racket. The washer has particle bubbles, and both machines actually spin. I seriously sat here and just played with it for a few minutes.

And because I’m an idiot and didn’t even check so I never got pictures, the machines have animations, too! You can load the machine, fold your clothes, and chill out on top while you wait for the cycles to end. Definitely worth a peek in world.

I have more from the Wareham house for the next few days, but be warned, it’s a HUGE post.

Chump Change

I love Friday, cause there’s always something new, which means I always have something to blog! If it wasn’t for FLF, I would’ve totally forgotten that Elate made furniture. New for Friday is an adorable set of three tree trunk tables (say that ten times fast) that are too cute to pass up.

What has to be one of my favourite stores also has some goodies out. This great memo board from what next is a steal. The texturing is great (as per usual) and it adds the perfect, yet subtle touch of realism that so many people look for.

Here’s your junk:

Table: Elate – Rustic Tree Side Table (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW!

Lamp: LISP – Spring Words Lamp (5 LI, mod/copy)

Board: what next – Notice Me Memo Board (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW!