Part of me is surprised I didn’t post this sooner, but.. Four Walls is back!!

If you weren’t around for the last one, Four Walls is a home and garden hunt where some of the grid’s best designers give their customers a one time grab at exclusive items.

General Information:

  • January 17th to January 31st
  • Hunt prizes are valued at 200L or more, but priced at 20L for the duration of the hunt. This could be a collection of small things, or one item
  • Hunt prizes are all new, or a new exclusive recolour of an existing item.
  • While there is no theme for this hunt, items are new, fresh, or represent the new year


  • There is no cap on store limits. As many stores that get accepted, that’s how big the hunt will be!
  • 10 bloggers will also be recruited to give the public a preview of items

All info and applications for bloggers and designers can be found on the website.

Uno Momento

As I’m sure you’ve all seen, Truth has ventured into the department of home design. ..I’ll just let you all pick your jaws up off the floor. Isla has started designing for Truth Homewear, and this is the very fantastic and very first release!

The Uno Dining set has a great modern flare with the incredibly unique table being the center of attention. I’ve never seen something like this, and it’s so great to see Isla and Truth’s creativity flourish!

My favourite part of the set is the chairs, oddly enough. They’re simple and classy, but they have a different touch with the handles on the sides.