Light Reading

While Cheeky Pea is a late addition to FaMESHed, I’m so glad Isla’s a part of it regardless! I’ve had a hankering for these couches to be released for a while, and she’s treated us to a trio of colours that are perfect for the rest of and the upcoming seasons.

And I just wanted to have a small little blurb about the adorable books Anna has at created at floorplan. You can now get incredibly well textured and low prim copies of famous titles for 1L. ..Yes, you read that right. One. Stinkin’. Linden!

Here’s your junk:

Shelf: floorplan – apple crate shelf (2 LI, mod/copy) NEW!

Couch: Cheeky Pea – Mainstream Couch New Wave (4 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ FaMESHed

Clock: floorplan – driftwood clock (2 LI, trans)

Books: MudHoney – Mesh Books (1 LI, mod/copy) and floorplan – novels (1L, mod/copy)