Spruce Up Your Space: November

This month’s Spruce has given us a lot this weekend with a total of seven different stores. This is probably my favourite round in a while, and everyone has captured the theme beautifully!

BoatHouse has this little painting set out. I love all the little bits of decor, like the paint brushes and palette. I also really like how the art on the easel is perfect for the season with the adorable winter scene of the Notre Dame.

Cleo Design once again has a huge set out for this weekend. I love these couches, they look like chaises with the neat asymmetrical design. Not only that, but you have three different colour sets to pick from!

inSight Designs offers up some great vintage textures this weekend. InSight for SUYS is always such a steal, because you get dozens of great textures for a great price, and who could pass up these adorable roses?

La’Licious has an adorable chateau that even comes with the patio decor! It’s the perfect way to bring a splash of Summer into what’s probably going to be a killer Winter.

MudHoney has this adorable patio set, my favourite part not only being the bright and bold chairs, but the little plate of macarons that make you want to lick the screen.

Organica also has a super cute bistro set with lots of neat little food decor pieces. My favourite part has to be the back of the chairs, with the Eiffel Tower detail worked into the metal. So creative!

Palais made this great low sofa for this weekend. I love the pattern and colour, and the blanket has some great shading and baking on it. And guess what? Go check out the price. You’ll be floored.