Alright, you dirty birds. I said I’d show you Dutchie‘s new bed, so here it is. Not only is there your regular swinging-off-the-chandelier sex, but it comes with a whole separate menu stuffed with a whole bunch of BDSM animations.

Before I get right into it, I feel like I should mention the bed is texture change too! The quilt and wood can be changed to suit any sort of decor with a simple click of either the pillows or headboard.

And now, I was going to show you some cuddles and stuff, but seriously.. who wants to see that when I can just break out the goods? There’s so many animations for any kink you could have, page after page of not only foreplay and sex, but some delicious BDSM animations.

But honestly, this little sampler of a dozen pictures doesn’t do justice to how, uh.. fun the bed actually is. Take my word for it, and go try it out in world! You know you wanna.

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