I’m sorry. I’ve been a douche. I haven’t posted anything yet today because I’ve been a bit of a gacha whore. Regardless, I still have something for you!


A new round of FaMESHed is in the works, so if you can’t get into The Arcade, you should head over there. Trompe Loeil has this amazing cabinet style bed that Cory seems to have gotten awfully fond of lately.

The best part about the bed, besides the dozens of animations and opening shutters, is the fact that every single pillow or blanket can change texture independently to create whatever unique look you’re going for,


Here’s your junk:

Bed: Trompe Loeil –┬áCabinet Bed (19 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ FaMESHed

Shelves: Pilot – Belted Shelf (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ FaMESHed

Cranes: Elate – Origami Paper Crane (1 LI, mod/copy)

Mouse: Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Nibbler the Mouse (1 LI, trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

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