Spruce Up Your Space: December

Sadly, this is the last post I’ll ever do for Spruce. After three years, the monthly home and garden event will end with the year, and December will be the last round. But, that means that a ton of stores have been recruited for one last kick at the can. This is a seriously big round!

SUYS: December - what next

From what next is this wintery recolour of their Grand Day Out hot air balloons. It’s got all the great and silly animations that the others do, but in a festive and seasonal colour.

SUYS: December - Palais

Palais offers this cute accent table and decorative vase with blue twigs that will work perfectly in your home no matter what season it is.

SUYS: December - Organica

Organica has probably the neatest piece of the round. This art is actually 3D, if you cam around it and look from a wide angle, you’ll see that it’s layered pieces.

SUYS: December - MudHoney

MudHoney put out this adorable, incredibly cozy looking chair that comes with all the lazy, relaxing animations I love. There’s even a few couple poses, too!

SUYS: December - LISP

LISP has some great accent pieces from the Anna set, perfect for your cabin or winter home. The rugs are worn beautifully, and the logs work well inside or out.

SUYS: December - Zigana

Zigana has some adorable decor pieces. The strings of stars are a great homey touch, and perfect for the last hours of Hanukkah . There’s also a pair of rugs that match perfectly, as seen in the ad.

SUYS: December - Starstruck

Starstruck has the solution to your gift giving problems! Cyclic has made some full perm mesh stuffies that come with texture maps for you to decorate yourself. Great gift idea for someone you love!

SUYS: December - Second Spaces

Second Spaces offers this cute winter desk, which, again, can still work really well in any season when paired with the right things.

SUYS: December - InSight Designs

inSight Designs has another great set of textures at a steal of a price this weekend. Perfect for blankets, sheets, and pillows, you can easily retexture and tint your things now.

SUYS: December - Apple Fall

From Apple Fall is this incredible bed out for the unbelievable weekend price. Tons of animations, and there’s even an adult version available to you at full price.

SUYS: December - Cheeky Pea

Cheeky Pea┬áhas created a great wintery remake of the Aksal skybox. There’s frost on the windows, and yes, an extra alcove perfect for a bed or dining nook.

SUYS: December - BoatHouse

Boathouse also has a cute cabin out today. It even comes partially furnished with the bed, tables, fireplace, light, drapes and couch (that’s half cut out of the picture).

SUYS: December - Cleo Design

Cleo has a huuuge set out this weekend that’s perfect for you if you’ve neglected to find a Christmas tree yet. My favourite part is probably the couch, simply because of it’s unique and creative design.

SUYS: December - Funky Junk

Funky Junk has an amazing pair of winter houses out this weekend. It has a great layout, and the Christmas decor comes in two options; the red and white you see above, and a festive combination of colours.