It’s my 6th rezday (I feel so old) and over the years, there’s been lots of changes. I’ve worked, I’ve quit, I’ve RPed, I’ve started blogging. I gotta say, the past few years have been my favourite so far, probably because in the process of keeping busy, I’ve made a bunch of good friends.


But enough about my boring existence, cause I want to show you Rustica‘s Skymoon. It’s not old enough to be new, but it’s recent enough for you to not know what it is. This skydome is amazing, and with 24 sky textures and 27 ground textures, there’s.. well, there’s a whole lot of different combinations you can come up with. You can do the math.


Besides the fact that it comes with options for every season, my favourite part is that it comes with a selection of grasses, and even rocks and mountains that have the texture change script inside. There’s hundreds of different things you can do to create whatever environment you want, which makes this probably the best skydome I’ve seen yet.

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