Get Your Hunt On!

My stupid little hunt, Four Walls, has started. There’s tons of amazing home and decor bloggers, so head on over to the blog and check it out! Here’s just a quick rundown.

The Hunt:

  • From January 17th to January 31st
  • Hunt items will be valued at 200L or more, but cost only 20L for the duration of the event; that’s just 10%!
  • Items may be exclusive and never seen again!
  • Because this is a paid hunt, LMs will not be given out; store SLURLs are on the website!

General Info:

Happy hunting!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Hunt On!

  1. augustagodenot says:

    you are the four walls person? you did a great job putting together some amazing artists. my favorites, cheeky pea, pilot, trompe, vespertine and on and on. Thank you for your hard work.

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