Work and Play

Yes, I’m still alive! The weekend after my birthday was lazy lazy, so I didn’t bother doing anything, and I’ve now finally got back into the swing of things. Home Show is coming soon (which has occupied my time) but I’ve managed to toss together a small post for you guys.

Work and Play

The Work Live loft from Scarlet Creative, which can be found at Collabor88 and has that wonderful, lofty feel that Charlotte is so good at creating. Great details like pipes, bricks, and floor to ceiling windows, as well as a fabulous little outdoor area.

Work and Play

A new, adorable little skybox fromĀ Zigana is totally simple but totally creative. My favourite part of the Deer Play skybox is the massive window made of, well.. windows! Lots of different styles, all filling one wall, all the way up to the loft, giving it a rustic, artistic sort of feel.

Both skyboxes are perfectly small, making it so you can have a cozy home without taking up too much space.

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