Holiday Break

I’ve been burning at both ends for a while now, so I’ve decided to take a break, but just for the weekend! It’s Thanksgiving up here, and I’m going to my Grandpa’s for a little holiday.

Hopefully, that’ll give me the motivation to come back and actually do something.

See ya later!

Holy Updates, Batman!

I’ve done a slew of updates in the past 24 hours, some cosmetic, some logistical.

  • New URL!

I’ve gotten rid of the ‘wordpress’ in the blog address! Your old bookmark and links will still work, thanks to the built-in redirect.

  • Custom font!

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some custom text, which I think really completes the look of the blog.

  • Updated Services!

I’ve added a custom tattoo service. Details are on the Service page.

  • Updated Directory!

I’ve totally revamped the Directory, adding anchor links (links that take you to a different point of the same page) and two new sections; group poses and static poses.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. This blog has turned into my baby!


It’s not often that I use my blog for purposes other than promoting my favourite designers. Actually, it’s something that I’ve never done. But this is something close to my heart for reasons even unknown to myself.

STAND4LOVE is a campaign to raise awareness of equal rights for the homosexual and transgendered community.

I don’t tolerate intolerance, and neither should you.

Next Chapter

I get bored, everyone does. You gotta shake things up every once in a while to keep it interesting.

That being said, I’ve decided to expand the blog a little. I’m moving into poses!

Why? Well, a few of my favourite furniture designers have branched into it as well, and let’s face it, I have a ridonkulous amount of poses that are sitting in my inventory, dusty and unused. Course, this is just going to add to that insane collection, but whatever, I’ll actually use the new ones!

Let’s just hope this doesn’t eventually cause me to move into the competitive realm of fashion blogging. *shudder*

I’ve Got Good News And Bad News..

I was originally going to do a huge piece about the interview with Isla Gealach. I even recorded the whole thing on my phone and was going to link it to you guys. But, alas, technology just isn’t my friend and I’ve sadly had to scrap that idea. So.. I really don’t have a post planned for today. That’s the bad news. Good news? Casa de Smurf has plurk!

Go there, add me, and stay in touch with new posts and updates that you just can’t get with flickr.

And for those of you that missed the interview..

[02:55 PM]  Hallie Galli-Moonites: So Isla, when is your “adult” store coming out?
[02:55 PM]  Rob Moonites: cheeky penis?

That is all.