I’m having so much fun playing with windlights lately. They can change the entire look of your scene with just a couple clicks, and can actually help you create a certain mood.

I actually took a few pictures of this look, but this is the lighting that I ended up going with. It captured the feel I was going for perfectly! Soft, cozy, lazy, and warm. Just lovely.


Here’s your junk:


Bed: floorplan – lounge bed  (12 LI, mod/copy)

Table: Apple Fall – Plan Chest (2 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed


Suitcases: floorplan – suitcase stack (3 LI, mod/copy)

Tripod Camera: Apple Fall – Vintage Camera w/ Tripod (3 LI, mod/trans)

Instant Camera: Apple Fall – Vintage Portable Camera (1 LI, mod/trans)

Rug: Apple Fall – Fiber Rug (2 LI, mod/copy)

Curtains: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Curtains (4 LI, mod/trans)

Small Hanging Photos: Trompe Loeil – Hanging Line With Photos (2 LI, mod/copy)

Large Hanging Photos: floorplan – darkroom photo dryer (2 LI, mod/trans)

Hanging Maps: Lark – Antique Map Chandelier (8 LI, mod/copy)

Card Garland: Lark – Spring Bunting (2 LI, mod/copy)

Landscape Art: Apple Fall – Verdant Oil Painting (3 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Sunset Art: Trompe Loeil – Enfield Wall Art (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Shoes: Apple Fall – Leather Moccasins (1 LI, mod/copy)

Croissants: Lark – Croissants (1 LI, mod/trans)

Camera: Tres Blah – Bon Voyage Vintage Camera (1 LI, mod/trans)

Lamp: floorplan – book stack lamp (4 LI, mod/copy)

Coffee & Muffin: Apple Fall – Coffee & Muffin (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Film: floorplan – darkroom film rolls (1 LI, mod/trans)

Book & Map: Apple Fall – Books & Map (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed


I’ve been trying for days to take pictures for this post. I loved this stuff so much, so I tried multiple times. I kept crashing, and was this close to giving up, but I tried last night and managed to get something, even if it wasn’t exactly what I pictured doing earlier this week. Oh well!


I’m in love with all things industrial, and when I saw these amazing little shotgun style homes from Trompe Loeil (which can be found at this month’s Collabor88) I knew they’d be perfect for me.

These two room converted shipping container homes come with lots of fabulous little details, my favourite being the skylights and rooftop gardens, which you can see below.


There’s lots of windows, multiple colours, and a beautiful porch, which I happen to love. It’s amazing because all the stilts can be edited individually, making it so you can shrink, stretch, or even remove them to suit your needs.

You can only get them at Collabor88, and with the amazing markdowns thanks to the event, you have to get over there if you want them.

Cheeky Tiki

I’m so looking forward to being able to do this! Just sit out in the sun with a cold drink, not a care in the world.. I know the east coast is getting hammered with horrible weather, so I can’t imagine how much you guys want this too!

Cheeky Pea has what has to be my favourite release so far this year, and adorable tiki bar, complete with little decorative drinks and rezzable likes on the actual bar itself. The detail is just stunning, as per usual, and if anyone wants to get a taste of summer before spring is even over, you have to check this out!

Cheeky Tiki

Here’s your junk:


Bar: Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Bar (8 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ N21

Stools: Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Bar Stool (2 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ N21

Chairs: Cheeky Pea – Shelly Lawn Chair (2 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ My Attic @ The Deck

Table: Cheeky Pea – Southern Porch Table (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ kustom 9


Menu: {what next} – Garden Cafe Menu Sign (1 LI, mod/copy)

TV: {what next} – Little Haven Portable TV (1 LI, mod/copy)

Fish Wind Chime: Sari-Sari – Summer House – Mr. Fishy (1 LI, mod/trans)

Flamingo: Zigana – home made flamingo (1 LI, mod/copy)

Surf Posters: Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Posters (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ N21

Travel Posters: Cheeky Pea – Solja Hideaway Travel (1 LI, mod/copy)

Martini: Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Pina Colada Decor (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ N21

Coconut Drink: Cheeky Pea – Tiki Pea Coconut Smoothie Decor (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ N21

Pepper Lights: Zigana – pepper lights (1 LI, mod/copy)

Life Preserver: A.D.D. Andel – Pool Accessory Lifesaver With Wall Hook (1 LI, mod/copy)

Bottle Cap Mobile: Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Cap Mobile (2 LI, mod/copy)

Wood Wind Chime: Zigana – chime (1 LI, mod/trans)

Watermelons: Zigana – Watermelon slices plate (1 LI, mod/copy)

Towels: Sari-Sari – Summer House Towel Crate (2 LI, trans)

Tiki Torches: Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Tiki Torch (2 LI, mod/copy)

Wine: Cheeky Pea – Pam’s Lanai Wine (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ Uber

Tray: Cheeky Pea – Southern Porch Vodka Lemonade Tray (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ kustom 9

Oranges: Cheeky Pea – Lanai Orange Bowl (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ Uber

Umbrella: {what next} – Island Beach Parasol (2 LI, mod/copy)

Cooler: Cheeky Pea – Cassie Cooler (1 LI, mod/copy)

Sunscreen: Second Spaces – beach day dark tan (1 LI, mod/copy(

Path: Botanical – Beach Boardwalk (1 LI, mod/copy)


I’m a little late on the draw with blogging some events, but hey, that just means that you’re able to shop them now! Lots going on, including current FaMESHed, Collabor88, and Arcade rounds slowly coming to an end in the next coming days.

Even if you’ve been to these events already, go back to them and have a second look. Trust me. There’s always something that you may have missed, and the last thing you want to do is miss something while it’s discounted!


Here’s your junk:


Chairs: Trompe Loeil – Audrey’s Chair (3 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Console: floorplan – wooden sideboard (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Table: Trompe Loeil – Audrey’s Table (3 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Drawers: Trompe Loeil – Staircase Chest (7 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Bookshelf: Bazar – Toronto Living room bookshelf (3 LI, mod/copy)


Curtains: Bazar – Toronto Living room curtain (2 LI, mod/copy)

Phone: floorplan – rotary phone (1 LI, mod/trans)

Grass: Bazar – Toronto Green grass plant (1 LI, mod/copy)

Leafy Plant: Bazar – Toronto Study plant (1 LI, mod/copy)

Mugs: MudHoney – Ryan Mug (1 LI, mod/copy)

Grassy Plant: MudHoney – Amy Plant (1 LI, mod/copy)

Flowers: Apple Fall – White Iris (1 LI, mod/copy)

Books: MudHoney – Eva Books (2 LI, mod/copy)

Lamp: floorplan – leaning lamp (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Clock: Bazar – Toronto Industrial clock (3 LI, mod/copy)

Vases: MudHoney – Amy Vase (1 LI, mod/copy)

Squirrel: Apple Fall – Ceramic Chubby Squirrel (1 LI, mod/copy)

Art: Apple Fall – Bow Tie Art (1 LI, mod/copy)

Rug: Apple Fall – Trellis Circular Rug (6 LI, mod/copy)

Recorders: Second Spaces – Cooper Desk tape recorder for Diane (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88


It’s almost the end of the month, and events are starting to wind down, which means that if you haven’t done your shopping yet, now is the perfect time. Especially if you want to get outfitted for Spring, which, I mind you, is just two days away!

There’s so much lovely flora to get your little hands on, and it’s something that I really appreciate designers tackling; making some beautiful flowers. I find it really helps make a look feel finished, just like it does in real life.


Here’s your junk:


Couch: Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Messy Garden Sofa (13 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed


Pergola: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Vineyard Pergola (17 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Ivy: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine (6 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Dolls: Zaara – Kathputli puppets (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Bird Garland: Zaara – Rajastani wall hanging (4 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Rug: Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Rug (2 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Ladder: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Ladder (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Bird House: Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Birdhouse (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Pots: Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Plant Pots (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Vase of Roses: erratic – english roses (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Babies Breath: Dust Bunny – babybreath vase (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Magnolias: LODE – Magnolia II Vase (6 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Shelf: Cheeky Pea – Jake’s Shelf (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Barrels: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Half Full (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Wagon: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Farm Cart (13 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Bucket of Roses: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses (3 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Wheel: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Wheel (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Wall: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Courtyard Wall (3 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade